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Handmade A.I is a game designer's investigation box, a collection of analogue game experiments to play on principles of A.I from outside technology. 

A set of card and mind games in 3 parts, it explores human foundations of A.I as a social grammar, rather than mathematical construct, building an assembly of playable allegories on the concepts of extraction, interpretation and automated decision-making.

The term A.I. is used to imply uncountable things. This project uses card and mind games to reflect on the cultural components of A.I, and looking into personal interpretations that can be made out of units of not-so-artificial intelligence. This surreal game conversation hopes to help participants reimagine the language and power narratives embedded in our networked technologies.

Handmade A.I uses applied research, role play, and symbolic systems design to examine A.I through these concepts. Each analogue experiment presents a specific focus and tone;  ranging from serious to irreverent in either a global, personal or social perspective on an A.I principle. 

  •  - "The Extraction Game" is an involved coop strategy, a card-based board game on nature and AI governance for 2-5 players. Watch a teaser HERE.
    This game is a cooperative survival puzzle, initially designed for 30-45 minute sessions in engineering classrooms and conferences, . Using card set assembly and light engine building gameplay, a team of players act as experts responding to climate crisis by crafting AI models. It aims to trigger conversation, countering a techno-utopian narrative with a limited game world economy, and unpredictable events brought about by the extractive practices of a technological construct.
    This collaboration was also shared at NYU's Future of Imagination Convergence.
  • - "The ForeCaster" is the box itself and its questions, in which you use A and I word prompts from a themed 52 card deck, and receive guides to  find personal meaning in the result. Try an excerpt from the interpretation deck HERE.
    Absurd postcard type sets of instructions are found exploring a map and in the game manualAn optional online A.I operator may be called upon to misinterpret your words and add acoustic nuances of play. This  segment considers projections involved in ascribing intelligence, inspired by tarot readings, children games of “Telephone” and the glitches of human and technological interpretations.
  • - "The Decision Tree" is a role-play and spatial intervention for 3 players. Watch a teaser HEREIt is a performative satire inspired by the living legacy of the Mechanical Turk. It invites improv-minded participants into playing the moves of a historical chess game, as the base for a theatrically automated rant between silent actors, handing each other one-word prompts and putting off decision-making as long as possible. A chess board and a set of curated props and roles support the creation of a semi-scripted scene where players investigate their relationship to creating or following rules, and outsourcing decisions.
    THIS PIECE IS IN PROGRESS, and developed as MFA thesis at NYU's Game Center between 2020-2021. The project emerged out of collaboration with researcher and NYU Future of Imagination Fellow Mona Sloane (PhD)  in 2020. 

The Extraction Game was created in direct response to Mona's FIC fellowship, and her Co-opting AI event series at NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge. The others experiments are personal and aesthetic extensions of this research. A thousand thanks to Mona, as to all the participants, conversationalists and playful performers, and to Thomas Sullivan for additional design perspectives.

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