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A Handful of Ice is a personal incantation,  poem and solo RPG about love's haunting.

Half a lifetime ago, I wrote a surreal story called Fresh Ice Cubes in
answer to a writing prompt. It was the first step to coming out as something I
found no name for then, sent to a mostly friendly stranger that would go on
to become one of the most profound intimacies of my young adult life.

Years later now during the global meltdown of 2020, I found myself like many others looking back at the connections that made me, and the touches that are out of reach. The following shifting form of mind game or 5 step poem is a sensuous conversation between these two moments, an attempt to make something new of it, a tribute to the touches that shape us and the loves we cannot name.

If, upon downloading and reading, it speaks to you, please let me know.

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